Warranty policy
KHK Diamond Products warrants all of its diamond products against defects in material
and workmanship for 12 months from the date of purchase. A determination of warranty
will be made after the returned products are inspected by our related department. KHK’s
responsibility under this warranty is limited to replacement or repair of defective parts.
Under no circumstances shall KHK Diamond Products be liable for consequential or
incidental damages arising out of the failure of any products if operated improperly. This
warranty does not cover normal wear or any damage resulting from operator negligent

Return Policy
Should you need to return any products you have purchased from KHK, please call our
toll free customer service number at 1-888-448-9898 to receive a Returned Goods
Authorization (RGA#). Products will not be accepted without a RGA number. All returned
products must be shipped prepaid to destination. All returned products must have been
purchased within the previous 12 months.

Freight Policy
Prepaid freight by UPS Ground for a minimum order of $350.00 within the continental
United States. Special shipping options are available upon request. Customer will be
responsible for the extra cost beside the UPS Ground.

KHK Diamond Products offers a 2% discount on payment of invoice within 10 days, net
due in 30 days for credit approved customers. Accounts over 60 days will have orders
shipped on C.O.D. only.

Minimum Order
No minimum order required.

Ordering Information
For your convenience, we offer different ways to order:
Call toll free number: 1-888-448-9898 or 1-949-788-0448
by toll free number: 1-888-968-7545 (1-888-YOUR KHK)
or 1-949-788-0338
your order:
Please visit our website for more information:
KHK Diamond Products Limited Warranty